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I love making images.

I am driven and find my motivation in the creative and constructive process of building an image starting from an idea, breaking it in a problem solving game made of small and big steps to take in the right sequence as a way to simplify complexity.

Light fascinates me immensely and is what draws me every day to try and look at things with a fresh and analytical eye. Flash, sun or moon, tungsten, led, fluorescent, candle I love playing with light and study it's behavior. I define my lighting as contrasted, sculpted, defining and motivated

From product or branding work to  shooting with talent and fantastic models and large production teams I always make photography with dedication, interest, curiosity, experience and professionalism.

I have been doing photography professionally since 2000 and can't imagine a different life.

When I am not in the studio I try to be the best husband and dad I can be, a life long refining and adapting process

I ride my bike(s) 6 days a week when I can, road or mountain bike, up or downhill, as long as it has pedals will go. Skiing and alpinism are other great passions of mine.

I like building things, love cooking and with my family we try to grow vegetables in our garden...

with mixed results so far!

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(+44) 07944 769650


find me on instagram @MarcoMakesPictures

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